What is the most durable iphone 4 case?

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How durable is the iPhone 4S?

The iPhone 4S is not durable at all. It has a glass back that if dropped will smash. And the front screen is also glass that can break. There is a solution however! If you get the Otter Box case fo... Read More »

Are safety gloves considered durable or non durable goods?

Durable goods have an extended lifespan and include such consumer products as automobiles, furniture, and jewelry. Non-durable goods have a short lifespan of less than three years, such as food, ga... Read More »

What iPhone case has a warranty that if the iPhone breaks they will replace the iPhone?

None that is currently on the market. You should have your phone insured through either home content insurance or specific mobile phone insurance.

Of any good cases for iphone cause im getting an iPhone 3gs 16gb in white and need a case?

Try tapping the app once, if it says PAUSED tap it again and that should start it loading. In some occasions you can hold onto the app until it wiggles, then click the cros on top of it and follow ... Read More »