How do i transfer a song that i downloaded to itunes from youtube mp3 to my ipod?

Answer What I can think is to download it again and plug in your synch to your iPod If that doesn't work maybe you can get the song again from Youtube to MP3 converter?

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Why doesnt itunes let you play the song you downloaded from LimeWire Will it still be on your iPod if you have your library set to update automatically?

Answer Yes Answer Yes, this is called sharing. As long as you are not selling the music, you'll be fine. It's when you make music available to the masses that you could be in trouble.

I just downloaded iTunes onto my new laptop. how do i sync the music from my iPod to iTunes?

When you connect iPod to a new iTunes or a new computer, you need to authorize your iPod to it, then you can follow this guide that helped me before to transfer files from iPod to computerhttp://ip... Read More »

Why can't you open itunes after you have downloaded it?

Help: How do I use the itunes visualizer I just downloaded?

its already loaded in itunes, why'd you download it? (well in the new itunes anwayJust go to view, then visulaiser