What is the most asked question on the iPhone 4S?

Answer "What is the meaning of life" is a very common one!

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What is the most disturbing movie you have ever watched?

schindlers list.disturbing because the truth is.

What is the most disturbing, gory, or violent movie you have ever seen?

Holy ****!!!! i thought i was the only one who seen Shocking Asia.....dont rent that **** for real...............definitely the most disturbing **** i seen...i couldnt eat for 2 days after watching... Read More »

What is the most disturbing thing that you have done to get rid of an aggressive tailgating driver?

Slammed on brakes to force him to rear-end me, jumped out, snatched him out through his smased windshield, beat him nearly senseless and threw him into the ditch... NOT.Nah - nowadays I just keep s... Read More »

Whats the most disturbing Movie you have seen?