What is the most disturbing episODe of criminal minds?

Answer I'll have to say season 4 episode 24 "To Hell..." and episode 25 "...and Back". Both episodes are wrong on so many levels. Another disturbing one was season 5 episode 16 "Mosley Lane"

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What is the song in the most recent criminal minds episode?

Because in SAW he is stabbed in the leg with a pair of scissors. Just kidding, he was in a car crash and they had to take something out of his leg and use it in his neck.

What episode of criminal minds does Reid show up most in?

What criminal minds episode is suppossed to follow the episode Doubt?

In what episode of Criminal Minds does Penelope Garcia get shot and What is the episode name?

The Episode of Criminal Minds that Penelope Garcia gets shot is the first part is "lucky"the second part is "penelope"