What is the most disliked video on YT?

Answer it WAS Rebecca Black's Friday. But since Rebecca had the original video removed the most disliked video is once again Baby by Justin Bieber

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Top three most liked and disliked characters in Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

My top three favorite characters from BtVS are...1. Spike. He's my favorite character from the show and I just love him in all of his incarnations...from the evil vampire when he first burst onto t... Read More »

On Youtube, if you dislike a video, is there a way that person can find out it was you that disliked it?

No - when you look at a video's likes and dislikes you can not find out who rated and how.However, people may be able to see that you rated a video up or down based on what activities you share wit... Read More »

What is the best/your favorite youtube video and what is the most viewed video?

This is a very good and is very well seen:…ok....

What is one food that you disliked in the past but now you like a lot?

Peanut butter - UNBELIEVABLY. The first ever brand I bought was the cheapest rubbish ever. I can't live without it now.Wholegrain BreadBread crustsOnions!Omlette - I thought you had to have them w... Read More »