How to Come up With Skateboarding Trick Ideas?

Answer It can be hard to come up with new tricks, when you are skateboarding. If you do feel like this is a problem for you, then this article can maybe help you out!

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How to Make Your Own Cool Skateboarding Trick?

Ever wanted to make your own trick? Keep reading! Everybody says this, but if you want a crowd-wower you should keep practicing and have fun!

How to Perform the Madness Shovit Skateboarding Trick?

The madness shovit is like doing a casper, only it is varied and still just as cool. Try it out and see how it works for you.

How to Trick Friends with the 5000 Number Adding Trick?

Trick your friends with some clever adding up–or not so clever as you'll be hoping to trip them up!

How to Do a Mind Trick Magic Trick?

This magic trick is fun (as in it is more of a joke than a trick) but it's not great if it doesn't work. Practice it well on helpful friends before performing it live.