What is the most delicious food made for Jewish celebrations?

Answer 1 - Hamantashen2 - Cholent3 - Potato latkas4 - Lokshin kugel5 - Kneidlach in chicken soup

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What is the most delicious food that can be prepared at home?

For me it would be a nice piece of fish cooked just right, served with mashed potatoes, steamed leeks and green peas, and a creamy parsley sauce..Dune

World's most delicious food?

the most delicious food in the world is caviar, it s very expensive for example one pound of them in United States it costs at about 550 dollars.

Why are there hardly any Jewish restaurants serving popular American Jewish food?

guess it depends where you live. plenty of restaurants serve food associated with the jewish culture in Skokie Illinois and surrounding towns. Chicken matzo ball soup, chopped liver, bagels, challa... Read More »

Is most Japanese food made from the sea?

Well, being an island nation it shouldn't be a surprise that much of their food is seafood based.However they do eat a lot of chicken and pork as well. Beef didn't join the diet until the mid 19th... Read More »