What is the most dangerous computer virus ever created and what does it do?

Answer www.imginnadestroyyourcomputercutoffyour…try this website. it contains a highly potent virus.

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Who created the computer virus?

It's a constant battle between the virus protection poeple, and the ar**ho*es that write the viruses.

When was the 1st computer virus created?

In 1981 the Elk Cloner virus became the first known computer virus to be created and unleashed. It is believed to have originated from Texas A& M University, and it was spread via Apple II floppy d... Read More »

OMG! my computer is infected with a dangerous virus and i don't have any money! DO you know any free protecter?

Get these 3 FREE softwares! Download, Install, update then restart in safe mode (press F8 while restarting to get in to safe mode) then run all 3 of them!…... Read More »

What is the most dangerous computer virus, trojan horse, PUP, backdoor, worm, etc..., ever made?

i would have to say the BIOS virus, its called CIH and most modern BIOS's are patched against it. but think about it. the BIOS is the lowest level of your system, if that gets taken over, your pret... Read More »