Colleges near Pullman, Washington?

Answer Pullman, Washington, can be found in the Southeast portion of the state. The city hosts both Washington State University and the National Lentil Festival. The city, primarily a farming community, w... Read More »

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What is the most alcohol you have ever consumed in one day or night?

I didn't do this myself but I watched a friend down a gallon of vodka and 2 cases of beer. I bet he was hurting in the morning!!!

Where is fossil fuel consumed the most?

The United States consumes about 25 percent of the total world consumption of fossil fuels each year. China is growing, with a 14 percent share and almost unlimited potential. Petroleum and oil acc... Read More »

Is Oreo the most consumed cookie in America?

No. While the Oreo is the most purchased, or commercially consumed cookie in America, the chocolate chip cookie remains the nation’s perennial favorite. About 25 percent of all cookies baked in t... Read More »

What is the most disgusting beer sold?