What is the most common reason for a teen to get pregnant?

Answer IGNORANCE!!Unprotected sex. As the first person answered, ignorance is a factor which is caused by lack of sex education by the parents and understanding that you are supposed to wait until marriage.

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What is the most common reason for Child Abuse?

Unfortunately their are a number of reasons that people do the things that they do. Even if they do not make sense or are harmful or hurtful to people around them. In many cases it is a vicious cyc... Read More »

What is the most common solution for teen pregnancies?

Birth 59%Abortion 27% (about 1/3 which is the same for adults)14% miscarriage

Whats the most common reason for a laptop to be running slow youtube vids take an age to watch?

What are the most common areas of the body that you gain weight when pregnant?

Answer Pregnant women put on weight around the hips and thighs to provide nourishment for the newborn. They also put on weight on the breasts of course but this will go when you stop breastfeeding... Read More »