I have asked a question about cancer. My next question is; is there life after death?

Answer The Bible promises a Resurrection.

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What are the most common questions asked of dish network customer service?

The most frequently asked questions about Dish network include: Why would I switch to Dish Network from cable TV, Is paperless billing available, what exactly is a DVR, can I purchase a PPV movie w... Read More »

List 3 common "non-smart" questions that are asked in the Education section - financial aid?

~ I filled out my financial aid paperwork a week ago, when the hell are they going to send my my money? (I really need it to pay rent .....make my car payment........ buy food)~ Will financial aid ... Read More »

I asked about my ankle before but have another question?

Broken bones dont usually swell. You most likely sprained your ankle

Is this really the first question to be asked in this category?

No. Because under here it says resolved questions in Basel :)