What is the most common insecticide?

Answer Imidacloprid

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Is anabasine an insecticide?

Anabasine, also called neonicotine, is an insecticide. Anabasine is created from a plant the Anabasis aphylla, which is a shrub originating from Mongolia. Anabasine is very toxic to herbivores, hum... Read More »

How do I Mix Tempo Insecticide?

The Tempo family of insecticidal products is manufactured by the Animal Health division of Bayer Healthcare. The product line contains powder, liquid sprays and concentrated formulations that kill ... Read More »

What is a systemic insecticide?

Systemic insectide is a insectide that's absorbed through the roots of plants and makes the plants toxic. It works against bugs that suck or chew or the plant, such as aphids or caterpillers. It is... Read More »

What is organic insecticide?

That just means the active ingredient was derived from nature. Don't assume that means it is automatically safe to use. Pyrethrin is natural but you difinately don't want to spray too much in a poo... Read More »