What are the 4 most common types of cancer?

Answer #1, skin cancer (non-melanoma) = 1 million new cases per year#2, Prostate cancer = 218,000 new cases per year#3, Lung cancer = 213,000 new cases per year#4, Breast cancer = 178,000 new cases per year

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What type of cancer is most common for smokers?

It's not that simple. A person who is a heavy smoker and drinker is most likely to get esophageal cancer (cancer of and around the esophagus). Oral cancer is more common in people who chew tobacco ... Read More »

What are the most common NATURAL methods of controlling Cancer?

try ayurvedic medicines as last resort. that helps in complete cure.but the only problem is it is a very lengthy process some times the patients doesn't last that long hence u need the chemotherapy... Read More »

Why are sole proprietorships the most common form of business ownership?

Sole proprietorships appear as the most common form of business ownership because of the ease of formation and the relatively low cost with which it can be formed. As indicated on the Inc website, ... Read More »

Which is the most aggressive form of breast cancer?

Inflammatory breast cancer, or IBC, is an invasive condition that accounts for about 1 percent of all breast cancers and spreads very quickly. It is the most aggressive and difficult to treat form ... Read More »