What is the most common favorite color?

Answer Most Popular Color in the World's the word from a survey conducted by three global marketing firms that determined blue is overwhelmingly the favorite color of people in each of 1... Read More »

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What is the most common food cuisine in Scotland?

Prime Scottish Beef/Lamb, the best you can get, anywhere!

What is the most common food for wild birds?

Black oil sunflower seed is the most popular food used in wild bird feeders, according to a fact sheet published by the Oregon State University Extension Service. However, some species of birds pre... Read More »

What is you're most favorite food in the world.?

Is rice the most common food in india?

Rice is a staple in the southern Indian diet; however, lentils are also very popular throughout India as well. Milk products such as ghee and dahi (curd) are also very common in the Indian diet.Sou... Read More »