What is the most common energy source in the world?

Answer Fossil fuels are the most common energy source in the world. Coal, oil and natural gas make up for roughly 80 to 85% of the world's consumption of energy. Coal and oil are used to generate electric... Read More »

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Why does the world need a clean source of energy?

A clean source of energy is important because it will provide all the benefits of an energy source without any of the disadvantages. When President Obama gave talks to MIT, he planned for a "compre... Read More »

What is the world's main energy source today?

Liquid fuels were the most used energy source worldwide as of 2010, followed by coal, natural gas, renewables and nuclear power. Liquid fuels and other petroleum products are projected to be the bi... Read More »

What is the world's fastest-growing and most promising source of energy?

The world’s fastest-growing resource of energy is wind. According to Alternative Energy, with today's technology wind could provide 20 percent of the electricity in America, and the wind turbines... Read More »

Is an aerobic source of energy faster than an anaerobic source of energy?

For a fast, high-power contraction, muscle fibers employ a high-energy molecule known as creatine phoshate. This is an anaerobic source of energy that produces energy for cells more quickly than ae... Read More »