If one is allergic to cats dogs and most other things that cause common allergies is it likely they would be allergic to common house birds?

Answer Allergies to birds? It depends on whether you are allergic to feathers and/or the dust that comes off when they preen and shake.You should go to the doctor and get a test done. Until then be cautio... Read More »

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What are common tapeworm meds for cats?

Tapeworms are almost always contracted through fleas. Fleas will consume tapeworm eggs, which will grow inside the flea's body. When a dog or cat eats a flea larvae or eggs, the flea's body is dige... Read More »

What do house cats&mountain lions have in common?

On the surface, your average house cat and a mountain lion couldn't be more different. But, besides the basic traits that are shared between all felines, there are some significant traits in common... Read More »

Common Health Problems of Siamese Cats?

Siamese cats are one of the original oriental breeds and have been popular as pets for many years. People love them for being very loyal as far as cats go. They are frequently described more like l... Read More »

Do cats have color vision?

It's not true that cats see only in black and white. While they don't see as many colors as humans do, they do see in color. To them, most of the world is shades of blue and green. So while that ho... Read More »