What is the most common blue flowering vine?

Answer The most common blue flowering vine is the morning glory. People use morning glories to decorate their walls and fences. The flowers open in the morning and close again in the afternoon. They grow ... Read More »

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Flowering Trumpet Vine?

Flowering trumpet vines, also called hummingbird vines, will grow quickly and cover anything it grows near. The flowering trumpet vine can be found across the Southeastern states of the United Stat... Read More »

Orange Flowering Vine?

A vine can lend a dynamic look to any garden. As it climbs, clings, coils or trails around its supportive structure, it expresses a sense of wildness and romance; if it produces flowers, a vine can... Read More »

What is the longest flowering vine?

The world's longest flowering vine is believed to be the Vanilla planifolia orchid, which can reach a length of over 100 feet. The plant grows in Florida, the West Indies, Central America and parts... Read More »

What flowering vine should I plant?

Of those, clematis. Sweet peas like cool weather and are short lived. Honeysuckle is invasive. Silver lace vine and scarlet runner beans would be good.silver lace vine(very fragrant):http://imag... Read More »