At what age do most people get married?

Answer 25 is the average age.

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What can be the most common password that people use?

I think it would be "secret" Then when someone asks you whatyour password is you can say it's secret.

What are the most common pills people take to commit suicide?

Im not dumb -.- I read the question about ur mother.I bet u will swallow it! Please , don't ! I was just's not nice to threaten .I hate people who stereotype anyone but people like that... Read More »

What are the most common misconceptions you think people have about newborns?

that they should be able to fit into all their 0-3 months clothes. that they need every fancy accessory under the moon, which really, all they need is a safe place to sleep, clothing, diapers, and... Read More »

Most Common English Errors for Arabic Speaking People?

Arabic and English are two very different languages, and this can cause a host of problems for native Arabic speakers trying to learn English. There are few cognates or shared vocabulary, and the w... Read More »