What is the kids tv show from the 90's with a blonde girl that does a cartwheel at the end of the introduction Its an American cartoon and i think it was called the girl's name like Stacey or maxie?

Answer blossom

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How to Identify the Most Common North American Spider Species?

Of the 40,000 spider species world-wide, there are more than 3,000 that make their habitat in the countries of North America. This article identifies the most common spider species that can be foun... Read More »

How common is it for someone from Canada to get sick from eating American Food?

Even though American food is unhealthy, it's not common.

If you are a heavier girl is it common to have your period when your pregnant?

No matter what size you are you aren't supposed to have a period when you are pregnant.This is true but you can have your period and still have health baby

Is it common for a 7-year-old girl to have vaginal discharge?

Answer Not common but occasionally they get something like thrush. She may even be coming up to puberty.I suggest you take her to a doctor.