Now that an African American is POTUS, will African Americans start tipping in Restaurants?

Answer There are some idiots out there who live in a state of denial. The truth is that some blacks are bad tippers, and it is a cultural thing as suggested above (although not an imperative). This is not... Read More »

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How many African-Americans were in the first African-American Senate?

Hiram Revels of Mississippi was the first and only African-American in the first African American U.S. Senate, in 1870. He was a steadfast opponent of racial segregation after the American Civil Wa... Read More »

Is Barack Obama African American or Arab American?

Barack Obama is African-American, the son of a Kenyan man and an American woman. He was born in Hawaii. His father, Barack Obama Sr., was from a small village in Kenya, a country in eastern Africa.... Read More »

How common is the African butterflyfish?

The African butterflyfish (Pantondon buchholzi), native to parts of western Africa, are not commonly found in the pet trade. Their need for very specific water conditions, such as needing some tann... Read More »

Common African Food?

In addition to its culture and history, Africa is also home to a variety of distinctive local cuisines. Although traditional foods vary from region to region, certain staples can be found throughou... Read More »