What is the most comfortable comforter?

Answer On One Hand: Down Comforters are ComfortableA comforter filled with down filling is usually the most comfortable comforter. Since its inner filling is softer and feels like cotton to the touch, it ... Read More »

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Squeeze my big butt into a seat I'm not comfortable in or sit in a comfortable seat and risk standing out?

Sit where you're comfortable. You'll stand out more by being uncomfortable.

How to Sew a Comforter?

A comforter provides warmth and decoration for your bed. You can buy a comforter in a furniture store or department store, but you can also save money by making one. All the supplies needed to sew ... Read More »

Can you dye a down comforter?

You cannot dye a down comforter using fabric dye without risking damage to the comforter. However, there are other options for changing the color of your comforter. Companies sell colored slip cov... Read More »

How to Get Red Mud Out of a Comforter?

Red mud doesn't wash out of fabric as easily as many other types of dirt. Getting the stain out of a comforter is even more difficult, as large comforters are not as easy to launder as clothing. Tr... Read More »