What is the best/most beautiful Piano song ever?

Answer This song is AMAZING!!! It's one of my favorite songs ever! It's called "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt. It's slow at first but then all of the sudden it gets really fast. It'll be pretty hard, but once... Read More »

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What is the most beautiful song u have ever heard?

"The Little Things Give You Away" by Linkin Park. It's very touching and sort of sad, too.

Most beautiful song in the world?

Let It Be - The Beatles :Dthat songs is just amazing

What's the most beautiful song you have ever heard?

I CAN'T PICK JUST 1 D:!Idk there's a lot guess I'll list the songs in the genres I like atm too bad I can't find "beautiful" electro songsFor Dupstep or "love"step lolFlorence And The Machine - Co... Read More »

What's the most amazing, beautiful, spine tingling or just awesome song you've ever heard?

Yaaaaay Nightwish!! LOVE that live version :D Anything by Two Steps from Hell is pretty incredible, and then there's Liquid Cinema too - they both do the epic music you tend to hear in film trailer... Read More »