What is the most attractive thing about men?

Answer looks are a bonus but some men are lovely without brill looks, quite tall, hair style, clothes definately, and you can guess the other, you look nice in your picture anyway!

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What kind of outfit is most attractive on a girl?

Trust me lol if that's you in the picture... YOU have nothing to worry about lol wear a trashbag over your body with fishermen gloves and I assure you no guy will deny you anything lol it's the not... Read More »

What is the most attractive part of the body for a girl to have a small tattoo?

*PLEASE* *PLEASE* *PLEASE*DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR LOWER BACK!!!!!You will be like ALL the other girls out there. Its like a heard of cattle with a brand all in the same place. Nothing original or ... Read More »

What is the least attractive thing to guys in a girls apperance?

What is the most attractive face shape?

all that matters is (and this has been scientifically proven) broad face, high cheekbones, large chin, symmetry, oval, this goes for both gendersnot many people have any of these traitshere is an e... Read More »