What is the most annoying song?

Answer agadoo ~ black lace

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Out of the 5 listed, which song is most annoying?

Do you think Rihanna's song "umbrella" is annoying?

omg yes! finally someone who agrees! all those eh, eh, and ells, ellas,ellas,ellas lol

What is with that ANNOYING 009 Sound System song on YouTube?

009 soundsystem - Dreamscape...thats the one i've heard the most...I like it!

What is the most annoying song you ever heard What about the Worse song you ever heard?

That one song Feel Good Inc. by the Gorillaz annoys the crap out of me....i change the station when it comes on the radio.I'm also SICK of Daughtry...they play the same song over & over again!