What is the most amount of weight you have ever lost in your life?

Answer I dropped forty pounds from a stomach bug after eating food from a street vendor in the Philippines. It was suggested I get a moonlighting job as a skeleton in the anatomy class of the local med s... Read More »

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Holywaterretention!: What is the most weight you have lost in a week?

185 pounds in one day. I thanked the judge and payed the lawyers..........Sorry I could not resist.


Wow!! That is EXTREMELY impressive!! Congratulations!I do keep my weight under control and so have never had to lose large amounts of weight, but I do know a woman who is a mother at my children's ... Read More »

Who lost by the largest amount ever in the U.S. presidential elections?

Republican Alfred Landon, who ran with Frank Knox as his Vice President, lost by the largest amount ever in the Electoral College portion of the 1936 U.S. Presidential election. Landon won just two... Read More »

The most difficult virus i have ever seen in my life, NEED HELP PLEASE.?

I'm no expert, but this doesn't seem like just a virus that was released, I think you are actively being hacked. I would try contacting RuneScape's Support team, they might actually know what is g... Read More »