What is the most amount of days that periods last?

Answer Ranges from 2-7 days.

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You got your periods last 6th Sept but not normal bleeding Normal bleeding started after 2 days and this month again you got your periods on 6th Oct but small dot till date it means Pregnancy is ther?

Answer You may be pregnant. See your doctor for a blood test.

You have had last period on 16th March2011 for 5 days long,can you predict your periods for next months?

Like the person before me said, it really depends...but you can get an estimate on when you ovulate and when your next period will be. I have an app on my phone (lol) that tells me when my next per... Read More »

After sex had periods after 20 days but now two months passed and no periods pregnant?

you probably are not pregnant. Women that have their periods are not pregnant. If you had your period 20 days after sex then you cannot be pregnant. But if two months pass you have either changed y... Read More »

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