What is the most amazing tea you've ever had?

Answer I love Tieguanyin anxi "monkey picked" oolong!I love the deep, richly sweet flavor and the very fresh, stone-fruit aroma. Soft yet complex, this wild-grown Tieguanyin is oxidized slightly less than... Read More »

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What is the most complicated movie youve ever seen?

inception only if u didnt get it from the beginning but if u did it was a fantastic movie

What is the most heart-felt movie youve ever seen?

Ever wondered what it looks like when you ovulate Have a look at these amazing pictures. Amazing huh?

i cant believe it amazing sight to see,clear pictures aswell

What's the most amazing, beautiful, spine tingling or just awesome song you've ever heard?

Yaaaaay Nightwish!! LOVE that live version :D Anything by Two Steps from Hell is pretty incredible, and then there's Liquid Cinema too - they both do the epic music you tend to hear in film trailer... Read More »