What is the most alcohol you have ever consumed in one day or night?

Answer I didn't do this myself but I watched a friend down a gallon of vodka and 2 cases of beer. I bet he was hurting in the morning!!!

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How to Confront Someone Who Has Over Consumed Alcohol?

It may be the happy-go-lucky party go-er or the belligerent drunk at the bar, but it's usually easy to spot someone who has consumed a bit too much alcohol. However, it's difficult to confront peop... Read More »

What do you do if you're worried that you've consumed too much alcohol?

Stop drinking. Don't smoke as that will give you a headache. Drink water and if you need to throw up do it with some pride. Also, stay awake till you sober up, then go to sleep. If you pass out rig... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia?

On One Hand: Generally DiscouragedDrinking alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia is generally discouraged. Drinking the night before means the alcohol will remain in your system the n... Read More »

I drank alcohol last night.. tablets today?

Nothing untoward will occur as long as you are ok with those tabs in normal circumstances. Don't swig them down with alcohol though.