Will you get accurate home pregnancy test results two weeks after sex?

Answer AnswerI was told by planned parenthood that accurate results can be obtained 11 days after.AnswerFor a lot of tests, they are not accurate until 3 weeks after sex

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How accurate is the ClearBlue pregnancy test?

For your first question yes Clear Blue pregnancy test is one of the best out there on the market, it is 99.9% accurate in lab testing. And yes it is possible to have your period while pregnant. O... Read More »

How soon is a pregnancy test accurate after delivery?

Can you take a ClearBlue pregnancy test at 3 weeks and how accurate will it be?

Will a false pregnancy pseudocyesis give a positive test result on a home pregnancy test?

Although I do not have a uterius, flopian tubes, or a vagina i still know that if a home pregnancy test is negative that the result is not completely accurate. My professional advice would be to ta... Read More »