What name is given to the most abundant&smallest animal species in the world?

Answer The most abundant animal species on Earth are insects with more than 1 million varieties. The smallest insects are fairy flies, Dicopomorpha echmepterygis, which measure no more than 0.139mm in le... Read More »

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Most Endangered Species on Earth?

Many animals face extinction due to habitat destruction, pollution, climate change and other varying factors. The loss of habitats due to encroachment threatens animals the most. In a 2008 report b... Read More »

What is the most abundant halogen?

Helium is the most abundant halogen in the universe and one of the most abundant elements, second only to hydrogen. Although abundant in gas planets and stars, helium is less frequently found in th... Read More »

What Are the Most Abundant Ions in Sea Water?

Thanks to water's powerful solvent capabilities, a wide range of elements dissolve into their ionic forms within the world's oceans. Along with water, chloride, sodium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium,... Read More »

What is the most abundant fossil fuel?

According to the US Energy Information Administration, coal is the most abundant fossil fuel on earth. The United States has 25 percent of all the world's coal reserves and extracts over 1 billion ... Read More »