What is the most abundant gas in earth's atmosphere?

Answer According to the U.S. Global Change Research Program, the most abundant gas in the Earth's atmosphere is molecular nitrogen. This gas must be transformed through a process called "nitrogen-fixatio... Read More »

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What is the second most abundant element in the Earth's atmosphere?

Oxygen is the second most abundant element in Earth's atmosphere; it makes up 21 percent of the air. 78 percent of the atmosphere is nitrogen. Argon and other gases make up one percent of the atmos... Read More »

When was carbon dioxide the abundant gas in the atmosphere?

As of 2010, scientists believed that for the Earth's first billion years, the atmosphere was mostly carbon dioxide, water vapor and a few other gases. Over the next two billion years, primitive mic... Read More »

What is the most abundant halogen?

Helium is the most abundant halogen in the universe and one of the most abundant elements, second only to hydrogen. Although abundant in gas planets and stars, helium is less frequently found in th... Read More »

What Are the Most Abundant Ions in Sea Water?

Thanks to water's powerful solvent capabilities, a wide range of elements dissolve into their ionic forms within the world's oceans. Along with water, chloride, sodium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium,... Read More »