What is the most AWFUL thing you have ever stumbled across on the internet?

Answer There used to be a website called OGRISH. They had videos of terrorists beheading hostages.Nightmare stuff.

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I need help with my blu ray dvd and the internet thing?

Sounds like it does not have built-in wifi. You might need to purchase a dongle for it. An alternative would be a wired connection. If the player is too far from the router you can use powerline ad... Read More »

Are Wi-Fi and wireless internet the same thing?

Wi-Fi are wireless internet are not the same thing. Wi-Fi is the name for a class of device that uses a certain industry-accepted wireless networking protocol to transmit data. Wireless internet ... Read More »

Do you think internet is the best thing on a computer?

Yes! Of course. You basically have the world at your fingertips. You really don't even have to get up. You can work at home via the Internet, grocery shop, take some classes, watch movies, get musi... Read More »

Has the internet been a good thing for you overall and why?

I would say yes because, it helps me pass the time when I got nothing to do and helps me communicate to other people. BUt it also makes me less productive in terms of studying for school. When I ha... Read More »