What is the mortgage process?

Answer To procure a mortgage, a borrower has to complete the mortgage process. This multi-step process begins at the application stage and ends at closing and can take three to six weeks, depending on the... Read More »

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What Is the FHA Mortgage Lender Approval Process?

A depressed housing market, the sub-prime mortgage crisis -- which placed millions of home owners into risky mortgages -- and the fall of major mortgage lenders since 2007, has led to an upswing in... Read More »

How long does it take to process a mortgage loan?

According to Mortgage Underwriters, mortgage applications typically take three to four weeks to process. The length of time can vary depending on loan type, required documentation, verifications an... Read More »

How long does a 2nd mortgage loan take to process?

For applying and closing on a second mortgage loan, the process can take two to three weeks, generally speaking. In some cases, for applicants with stellar credit and who are approved quickly, lend... Read More »

What is the mortgage foreclosure process in ohio?

All mortgage foreclosures in Ohio undergo the judicial process. According to legal expert and author James Wiedemer, judicial foreclosures involve proceedings overseen by the court of the county to... Read More »