Is a rank of lt. colonel in the U.S. Army a high rank?

Answer Lt. colonel is the second highest officer's rank in the U.S. Army. Lt. colonels command battalion-sized units consisting of anywhere between 300 to 1,000 soldiers, according to Army.Mil.Source:U.S.... Read More »

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What rank the does the us army rank in the world?

In terms of spending, the US is at the top. The US has the highest government military spending in the world, at over 650 billion dollars a year. In terms of percentage of GDP, the US drops to 11t... Read More »

If you go from the marines corp to the army as a E-4 what rank will you be in the army?

You most likely will keep the same rank. You might be able to get a promotion if the MOS you are going into needs people but the person that would have the best answer would probably be a recruiter... Read More »

What is E-4 Army rank?

E-4 is a pay grade. The US Army ranks at pay grade E-4 are Specialist fourth class and Corporal; both are junior Non-Commissioned Officers, however the Corporal is the higher rank.

What army rank is a TEC 5?

Tech 5 was a special rank above a Corporal(2 stripes on the sleeve). The Tec 5 insignia was 2 stripes with a "T" under the stripe.Tech 4 was 3 stripes and a "T".The "T" indicates the Technical rank... Read More »