What is the monetary policy of India?

Answer India is the world's second-largest country in population and operates one of the world's largest economies. Many economists project further economic growth in India. Sustainable economic growth re... Read More »

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What is fiscal policy&monetary policy?

Fiscal and monetary policy refer to two classes of economic policy that governments and central banks have at their disposal. Fiscal policy involves government use of its budget to affect the econo... Read More »

What is the primary aim of the U.S. monetary policy?

The primary goal of monetary policy in the United States has evolved since the creation of the Federal Reserve as the nation's central bank. Originally intended to prevent the panicked bank runs of... Read More »

What is an expansionary monetary policy?

An expansionary monetary policy--also known as an "easy" or "loose" monetary policy--is a policy whereby the monetary authorities increase the money supply. This is done in order to boost economic ... Read More »

What is international monetary policy?

International monetary policy is a country's policy regarding its money supply, interest rate and balance of payments. In the United States, the Federal Reserve and certain international organizati... Read More »