What is the minimum water pressure for Detroit?

Answer According to the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, the latest pipe upgrades should meet a minimum pressure of 20 psi (pounds per square inch) throughout the entire system and 40 psi at each wh... Read More »

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Can copper and galvanized pipes mixed cause the hot water pressure low new water tank and still low pressure?

The question makes no sense. what doesn't make sense ,the house has installed half of copper pipes and half galvanized the cold water is running fine but the hot water is slow and they said it mig... Read More »

How do you increase the water pressure or tell if there is a kink in the line of a side-by-side refrigerator that has low water pressure from the water dispenser?

AnswerIf it was working before then you probably need to replace the filter. New install? Check for obstructions, but I would replace the filter on that one, too.You can try changing the water filt... Read More »

What is the minimum gas pressure to start a gas furnace?

According to the American Gas Association, or AGA, the minimum gas pressure required to start a gas furnace is less than 0.25 lb. per square inch or 0.02 bar; this is less than the pressure created... Read More »

What is the minimum oil pressure for a 350 Chevy engine at idle?

The lowest pressure for a 350 Chevy engine when idle is 8 lbs, though the range is from 8 to 12 lbs. The general rule is 10 lbs per 1000 rotations per minute (rpm). When an engine runs a bit higher... Read More »