What is the minimum size of a condominium board?

Answer Ideal boards are numbered with odd numbers. This means there will always be a majority vote. Depending on the size of your community, you may want three or five or seven board members.Larger commun... Read More »

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When recruitment fails and the Board does not have the minimum number of members required per bylaws can the Board function and take actions?

Generally, your governing documents will state the minimum number of board members, and may also indicate that existing board members continue to serve on the board after the expiry of their term, ... Read More »

What is the minimum number of units allowed in the Washington state condominium act?

In a quick review of RCW 64.34, no minimum number stands out, so because the word 'units' appears in the act, one can assume that a minimum of two might apply.You can follow the link below, and rea... Read More »

Do zoning regulations take precedence over minimum rental periods spelled out in Declaration of Condominium?

You can take the condominium declaration and its rental options to the local-land-use zoning officer, and that officer can help you determine the answer to your question.Every municipality may have... Read More »

CAN family members be on the same condominium board?

Read your governing documents to determine the qualifications for sitting on the board. Usually, election to the board is reserved for unit owners, and each board member must own at least one unit.... Read More »