What is the minimum lead content in crystal?

Answer In order for a piece of crystal to qualify under the technical definition of "lead crystal," it must contain a minimum amount of 10 percent lead oxide. Any amount under that percentage may still be... Read More »

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Is there a way to see if homegrown tomatoes have lead content due to lead dust in the soil?

Is lead in crystal safe?

Lead in crystal is generally safe, as long as the liquid served in a lead crystal glass is ingested immediately after pouring. If the liquid remains in the crystal container for too long, it's poss... Read More »

How to Detect Lead in Crystal?

You have reason to suspect lead in your crystal containers if the containers hold stored liquids such as wine, alcohol, vinegar-based salad dressings or fruit juices. The acid in these liquids can ... Read More »

How do I clean lead crystal?

Prepare a SinkStopper your sink and place a rubber mat or folded bath towel in the bottom. Add a mild detergent and fill the sink with warm water. Add a few drops of vinegar if hard water spots ten... Read More »