What is the minimum income amount to file taxes?

Answer The minimum income for filing taxes varies. A single woman younger than 65 who is not claimed as a dependent must file taxes if her income exceeds $9,350. A woman younger than 65 who is claimed as ... Read More »

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What Is the Minimum Amount of Income That Is Not Subject to US Taxes?

The IRS allows each taxpayer to receive a certain level of income during each tax year that is not subject to U.S. taxes. There is no minimum amount you must earn to receive this tax-free benefit; ... Read More »

Is There a Minimum Earning Amount to File Taxes?

According to the IRS, as of 2009, single people under age 65 have to file taxes if their gross income is more than $9,350. Single people over 65 have to file after earning $10,750 in income. The in... Read More »

Is there a minimum income amount to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

There is no set minimum income amount required to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy, though filers need enough income to cover standard costs of living and the bankruptcy's monthly settlement. The income ... Read More »

What is the minimum amount to file on long form taxes?

The Form 1040 long form is required for taxpayers with taxable incomes of $100,000 or more. Otherwise, the income tax long form should only be used when itemized deductions exceed the "standard ded... Read More »