What is the minimum dependent age to claim income taxes?

Answer You can claim a child as a dependent starting with the year he was born. There is no minimum age. However if the child earns money to file his own return and claims himself as a dependent, you cann... Read More »

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Can You Claim Your Child as a Dependent for Income Tax?

The IRS considers dependents to be qualifying adults or children who receive the majority of their financial support from another party. There are two levels of tests that determine whether you ca... Read More »

Can I claim a dependent who files taxes?

You can claim a person who meets the criteria for you to claim her as a dependent even if she files her own tax return. However, her filing status cannot be married filing jointly nor can she claim... Read More »

How do I claim a spouse as a dependent on taxes?

Enter your spouse's name on line 6b of Internal Revenue Service Form 1040. In order for your spouse to qualify as a dependent, certain criteria must be met. If you are maried filing jointly, your ... Read More »

Can i claim a dependent who also filed taxes?

You can claim someone who has filed a tax return as a dependent if he: depends on you for half or more of his expenses; lives with you or is related to you; is a U.S. citizen or resident; does not ... Read More »