What is the minimum credit score for getting a car loan?

Answer On One Hand: About 600, But It DependsThe actual minimum credit score that a lender will consider on an auto loan depends on the standards of the particular institution, but around 560 to 600 is th... Read More »

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What is the minimum credit score you can get a home loan with?

The minimum credit score needed to get a mortgage varies from bank to bank and depends on the economic climate. However, credit expert Michael Bluejay reported in June of 2009 that a score of at le... Read More »

Where can i get a student loan for $5t if my credit score is 660 but i have only had credit for the past 2 yrs?

Have you tried Stafford loans ?And you should be good to go to get a student loan.Good luck !

Can I get a loan using a credit score?

Loan officers always look at your credit score, but also at your employment history and payment history.Source:Common Loan Qualifications

If my credit score is 654 is it possible to get a personal loan?

May still qualify, but will pay higher interest. You should try to get it at least 20 points higher. You will be considered at least average then.