What is the minimum credit hours needed to get a Pell Grant?

Answer There is no official minimum number of credit hours to receive a Pell Grant, but the number of hours being taken will affect the size of the grant. A full-time student (12 credit hours or more) wil... Read More »

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How Many Credit Hours Is Full-Time on a Pell Grant?

The costs associated with attending a college or university can present a financial barrier to low-income students, which may make it easier for students whose parents have greater financial means ... Read More »

How Many Credits Are Needed for a Pell Grant Disbursement?

Pell grants are federal need-based awards for low-income college students. The maximum grant award under the Pell grant program is $5,500 per year. To qualify for Pell grants, students must at leas... Read More »

Can you get a Pell Grant for non-credit courses?

If you qualify, you may receive a Federal Pell Grant for up to 30 hours of remedial non-credit coursework, not including English as a Second Language courses. To continue receiving a Pell Grant, yo... Read More »

How many credit hours will Pell Grants pay for?

Pell Grants are provided as need-based grants to low-income students pursuing a bachelor's degree or, in certain circumstances, a student enrolled in a post-baccalaureate teacher certification prog... Read More »