What is the minimum age to take the GED?

Answer The minimum age to take the GED varies from state to state. It may be 16, 17 or 18, but the state may also offer exceptions under special circumstances. For example, pregnant teenagers who can't f... Read More »

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What year did the federal minimum wage go into effect&how much was the minimum wage?

The United States has not always had a minimum-wage law. The federally mandated minimum-wage law began in 1938. It was enacted by the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. At the time, the federall... Read More »

What does minimum CPU mean?

A minimum CPU is the slowest or oldest processor that a software program can run on. The minimum CPU might be stated as a particular processor class, such as "Pentium 4 or higher," or a minimum spe... Read More »

What is the minimum age to be in the CIA?

It depends on how good your are. the better you are, the higher the chances to be accepted.

What is an alternative minimum tax?

The alternative minimum tax is a tax that is designed to eliminate deductions and credits. It increases a tax payer's liability "for an individual who would otherwise pay less tax," according to th... Read More »