What is the minimum age to have a liquor license?

Answer Each state has its own minimum drinking age. As a result, the minimum age to hold a liquor license is whatever the legal drinking age is in that particular state, typically 21 years of age.Source:M... Read More »

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Is it cheaper buying liquor with a liquor license?

Yes if you plan on buying legally produced alcohol its cheaper with a license.

What is the difference between a beer&wine license&a liquor license?

The difference between a liquor license and wine and beer license is liquor license allows a business to purchase any alcohol for resale, and a wine and beer license limits to only those beverages.... Read More »

What is a liquor license?

Before selling or allowing the consumption of beer or liquor inside your place of business, you must first obtain a liquor license. It is a legal document authorized by your local municipality.Iden... Read More »

How to Get a Liquor License?

Obtaining a liquor license can be a long and challenging process. Each state has its own governing agency on licensing liquor. Also, many counties and towns within a single state can have additiona... Read More »