What is the minimum a bartender can be paid in michigan?

Answer 4.00

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What is the minimum age to work in Michigan?

According to the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, 14 years old is the minimum age of employment in Michigan. However, 11-year-olds may work as caddies and 13-year-olds may do... Read More »

Michigan's Laws & Requirements of Minimum Wage?

Michigan has a minimum wage law which stipulates how much employers must pay their employees. With the exception of government employers, the law applies to any one who has two or more employees ov... Read More »

Is there a minimum amount that any reality star gets paid?

Nope, a lot dont get paid at all since its essentially a documentary.

What is the minimum amount paid under social security benefits?

As of 2010, the Social Security Administration does not list a minimum amount of payable benefits. However, the administration does not pay less than $1 of benefits. All citizens born after 1929 ne... Read More »