What is milky spore?

Answer Japanese beetles are responsible for the destruction of a large range of garden plants. While chemical-based insecticides are initially successful in controlling this pest, more planet-friendly met... Read More »

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What does Milky Way mean?

The Milky Way is a galaxy that consists of gas, dust and over 400 billion stars. The Earth lies in the Milky Way galaxy. Milky Way is also the name of a candy bar made with chocolate, nougat and ca... Read More »

What is the distance between the milky way&the andromeda?

The distance between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies spans 2.3 million light years. Due to its vast size and relatively close proximity, Andromeda may be seen from Earth without a telescope.Re... Read More »

What is causing milky water in your pool?

Answer I too had milky water in my pool. I also have a chocolate lab dog who loves the water. I found that with allowing the dog to swim would turn the water milky and that a "slime" would develop ... Read More »

What are the best FX Nikon lenses for photographing the Milky Way?

One of my Flcikr contacts does a lot of night photograhpy & has a D700 (so similar full frame to your D800).He uses a 24mm f2.8 lens.This is the sort of image he gets - he frequently shoots a 2 sho... Read More »