What metal are old metal milk jugs made from?

Answer Old metal milk jugs, also called milk cans, were made from galvanized tin. They came in 3- and 5-gallon varieties and were used from the time of the Civil War until the 1930s.References:History San... Read More »

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What metal are deadbolts made from?

According to Family Home Security, soft brass metal or constructed steel metal are popular metals for deadbolts. However, it is easy to saw through soft brass, and so deadbolts constructed of steel... Read More »

What metal are magnets made from?

Metal magnets are made up of metals that are alloys like nickel, cobalt and aluminum. The combination of these three alloys is sometimes referred to as "Alnicko." There are other types of magnets m... Read More »

What metal are statues usually made from?

Statues are usually made from bronze because of its versatility. For example, if a statue's arm is extended for a pose, it will not crack when made out of bronze, as it would if it were made out of... Read More »

What metal are door keys made from?

Most common keys are made from brass, but some are made from steel, especially for automobile locks. Brass is durable and easily cut. Other keys can be nickel-silver, or plated with nickel-silver. ... Read More »