What is the metal band on a pencil called?

Answer The metal band on a pencil is called a ferrule. The ferrule attaches a pencil to its eraser. The application of the eraser and the ferrule is the final stage in pencil manufacturing and is accompli... Read More »

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What is the metal band around a pencil called?

The metal band around the tip of the pencil that holds the eraser on is called a ferrule. Adding the ferrule is part of the last step to manufacturing pencils. The eraser is placed on the pencil an... Read More »

How to Shoot a Pencil from a Rubber Band?

You know all about paper wasps, but do you want something that can really shoot fast like an arrow from a bow and really inflict some serious damage? You've come to the right place. Welcome to the ... Read More »

Why is metal music called metal?

Because of the sound that the musical instruments make, there are two kind of sounds, wood and metal

What is a pencil called in military contracts?

In military contracts, a pencil is called a portable, hand-held communications inscriber. The use of such terms can lead to over-billing by defense suppliers. It can also lead to difficulty in dete... Read More »