What is the medical term id when referring to a rash?

Answer The term "rash" does not refer to a specific condition. Rash is a general term the public uses to refer to bumps, scaly or red patches on the skin. However, there are various types of rashes that ... Read More »

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What does the term "Random Keyed" mean when referring to door knobs?

When you buy locks there are "Key codes" on the package. If you buy 2 locks with the same key code the keys will work in both locks. These are called "Keyed alike". When you buy a lock that is "Ran... Read More »

What is BID in medical term?

What does the medical term iv mean?

In medical terminology, IV means intravenous. This can refer to the general process of intravenously feeding a liquid into the body, as in "IV antibiotics." It can also refer to the actual substanc... Read More »

What does the medical term CPT mean?

CPT stands for "current procedural terminology" and is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association. CPT is considered to be a widely accepted medical nomenclature that's used to repo... Read More »