What is the medical term for color is not good for newborns skin to have?

Answer Jaundice is one kind of skin discoloration that newborns can have, which gives a yellow color to the skin. It is common in newborns as a transient condition and often treated with sunlight. Cyanos... Read More »

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What is the medical term meaning any disorder of the pigmentation of the skin or hair?

Disease marked by abnormal pigmentation may be called chromatosis or melanosis, or melanopathy. Amelanism or amelanosis is the term used for a lack of pigmentation of the skin. Some examples of ch... Read More »

What is the medical term meaning an open wound with a danger of contamination because outer layers of skin are badly damaged?

What skin color do you like White skin, Black skin, or Tan skin?

I like all color skin. pale white is my favIts all about what is on the inside.

What is the medical term for individuals who think that they have every disease and nothings wrong with them?

Hypochondriac.There's this book, Three men in a boat, by Jerome,In which the guy says, that once,he came across a medical book, and when he read it, he found that he had many of the symptoms writt... Read More »